Smart Power & energy Conversion (SPeC)

Power Electronics (Power Conversion Systems)

  Power electronics are widely necessary for various power applications. The prime goals in this lab are to develop high power density and high efficiency power conversion systems. This lab is trying to develop various power conversion circuits, i.e., 1) Grid-connected converters (Grid-Following Converters, Grid-Forming Converter), 2) Solid-state transformers (Cascaded-H-Bridge, Multilevel Modular Converters), 3) DC-DC resonant converters and etc.

Wireless Power Transfer Systems 

  Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) are emerging technologies to inherently remove the power cable and to provide wire-free environment with high degree of charging freedom. There are plenty of applications that the WPT is required: 1) IoT & sensor, 2) Mobile devices, 3) Home appliances, 4) Electric Vehicles and etc. Not only one-to-one short-distance WPT, but also multiple charging long-distance WPT are now being researched in this lab.

Machine Learning applied to Power Systems

  Machine learning is now widely applied to various applications. This lab is trying to combine the machine learning algorithm with power electronics, e.g., finite-element-methods (FEM) simulation to find optimal designed parameters by Q-learning algorithm. This attempt is so worthy to change the research paradigm for power electronics.